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Government Of Assam Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain)

Planning & Monitoring Cell

The WPT & BC Department acts as Nodal Deptt. for looking after co-ordinate the formulation, approval and implementation of schemes relating to TSP and SCSP under various development Departments as per the direction of Planning Commission. Now NITI Ayog, Govt. of India. The Planning Officer and Research Assistant, strengthening of Co-ordination Machinery, WPT & BC Deptt. are brought on deputation from Transformation & Dev. Department belongs to Assam Economic & Statistical Service. The Co-ordination Machinery, WPT & BC Deptt. is responsible for Monitoring & Co-ordination of Sectoral matters relating to Tribal Sub-Plan & Scheduled Caste Sub Plan.

1. In every financial year, T&D Deptt. /Finance Department allocates fund under TSP & SCSP depending on population percentage of ST and SC people to this Deptt. for executing TSP and SCSP schemes/proposals.

2. After receipt of allocation from T&D Deptt. /Finance Department, the WPT & BC Deptt. re-allocates the fund as per direction of Commissioner & Secretary/Hon’ble Minister amongs Sectoral Departments for making Budget provision under their control for the year concerned.

3. The concerned sectoral Deptt. after accommodation of Budget provision, submit schematic proposals as per the direction of the Stae Level Advisory Council for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes to WPT & BC Deptt. for approval of sanction /AA etc.

4. The Planning Officer, Strengthening of Co-ordination machinery, WPT & BC Deptt. after receipt of proposals of Sectoral Deptts. Verify/scrutinize the proposals and submit to Joint Secretary or Secretary, WPT & BC Deptt. and Financial Adviser for further verification etc. before, moving to Commissioner & Secretary/Minister for approval.

5. After getting approval of Hon’ble Minister the files/proposals received are returned to the concerned Department for execution of the scheme.

6. The Sectoral Department after execution of schemes approved earlier, submit demand for recommendation of release of fund.

7. The Planning Officer, WPT & BC Deptt. verifies/examines the ceiling demand, whether, the required documents/particulars viz. Administrative Approval, Technical sanction, Progress Report, Completion Report, Joint Verification Report, Photographic evidence at project site etc. are available or not for according approval of the demand.

After verification the same is submitted to Joint Secretary or Secretary and Financial Adviser for further check up etc. before moving to Commissioner Secretary/Addl. Chief Secretary/Minister for approval of the demand. After getting approval of Hon’ble Minister/Addl. Chief Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary, ceiling demand received are returned to the concerned Depttt. For release of fund.

The points mentioned above are the standing procedure for approval of scheme and ceiling demand under TSP/SCSP matter.

The Monitoring & Evaluation cell obtains data from those deptts. to monitor periodically the progress of implementation of the schemes under TSP & SCSP. Further, the progress of implementation of the family oriented income generating schemes under the point 11 (A) & 11(B) of 20 point programme is also reviewed from time to time.