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Government Of Assam Department of Tribal Affairs (Plain)

Central Earmarked Scheme for sc

  • (i) SCA to SCSP: Special central assistance is a 100% additive grant given by the Govt. of India for economic up-liftment of BPL scheduled caste families and to take up infrastructure development schemes to fill up the critical gap. With this aim in view the Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes is giving financial assistance of Rs.10,000.00 (ten thousand) to each of the SC BPL Families Oriented Income Generation Schemes (FOIGS) and 10% of the released amount is utilized for infrastructure Dev. Schemes.

    (ii) Scheme for AIRT & SC- The main function of the Directorate of Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes are :- Research, Evaluation, Training and Planning. Moreover there are some subsidiary scheme like publication of books. Annual Research Bulletin, Seminar workshop on ST problems for the State. Grants-in-aid to authors for publication of books on SC/ST. Award of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral fellowship, maintenance of well equipped reference library.